March 24 Event Info

Date                               Sunday March 24, 2019

Location                         Arashi Do Martial Arts 38 Sioux Road, Sherwood Park

Event Time                      2:00pm to 4:30pm

Weigh-ins/Rules Meeting     11:30am

Ticket Info                       $25 for one ticket, $20 each for two or more

Purchase in advance at

(There are no physical tickets only a guest list)

Each athlete gets two free guest admissions (in addition to 2 coaches)






Match 1      Cruz Rhoades (West Laperle) vs   Kade Hicks (Sherwood Park)

Match 2      Axsen Wandler (Rocky Mountain House)  vs Tyson Garner (Calgary Acadia)

Match 3      Kenna Legge (North Edmonton) vs Kai Hicks (Sherwood Park)

Match 4      Marty Stock (South Edmonton) vs Miller Ayling (North Edmonton)

Match 5      Robert Oratola (West Mayfield) vs Rod McDaniel (North Edmonton)

Match 6      Logan Jordan (Sylvan Lake) vs Jimmy Watson (Sherwood Park)

Match 7      Cole Pearse (Rocky Mountain House) vs James Dawson (North Edmonton)

Match 8      Arielle Oca (South Edmonton) vs Brooke Erhardt (Sherwood Park)

Match 9      Florin Radu (South Edmonton) vs Tyler Lepko (West Laperle)

Match 10    Jadon Hewitt (Sylvan Lake) vs Dion Walton (Sherwood Park)

Match 11    Simon Johnston (South Edmonton) vs Tyson Seinen (North Edmonton)

Match 12    Rudy Hertes (Rocky Mountain House)Rocky vs James Sneddon (Calgary Deerfoot North)




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